I'm a developer based in Melbourne/Australia, I work for one of Australia's larger banks on a product called Oracle API Gateway (OAG, the artist formerly known as OEG). I've spent a fair bit of time integrating it with the Oracle security platform, namely,  OAM, OVD, OIM and OID. We're more than likely doing more with this product than most other OAG customers world wide. Thats my current day job, I do much more interesting things outside of work.

lenovo x121e - 16gb RAM

 I've got a Lenovo x121e. It servers as my windows development and VM machine. Until rec (more...)

Sim to micro sim conversion (for iPad)

I've recently purchased an ipad. Its great for consuming media on. One thing I didn't buy was a data plan. I've allready got a not very often used Three mobile broadband dongle. Its got around 12Gb of data left to use up, so fitting it into the ipad had (more...)

Photocatalyst Mosquito traps

I recently took a bit of gamble on ebay and bought a P (more...)

Firefox - Multiple versions

Any seasoned web developer is well aware of the issues with web standards compliance between the different version of Internet Explorer in the market place. A nice utility for this is Multiple IE, which allows multiple versions of internet explorer to b (more...)

Dragon Boat racing - Victorian Corporate Challenge

I wrote a small race timing system for Dragon Boats Victoria, so we can have accurate timing and photo finishes. It runs off any Canon EOS SLR with Live View. One advantage of this new system is the fact that you don't have to press any stop buttons, wh (more...)